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Canby School District LAPTOP/EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT FORM This form is required for staff who wish to take their equipment off the premises of their respective building assignments. Any staff member that wishes to take their assigned laptop or other computer equipment off the premises will be responsible for its care and security. Those checking out equipment will be responsible for up to 100. 00 for the replacement or repair should the equipment require it due to loss neglect or abuse. Please...
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Host Hey guys welcome to Andvaris VirtualSolutions and Arise IBO Today I'm going to do a technical checkupI am going to show you all the equipment you need for this work at home position and I'mnot only going to go over it with you I'm actually going to show you the actual equipmentand how it all works Alright let's get started; alright guys let'sgo ahead and get started As you can see; this here I just got it shippedfrom amazon This is my dial pad and my headset This is one of the primary equipment you aregoing to be using when you are receiving phone calls and servicing your client So i want to go ahead and open it with youguys here so you guys can see it for yourself Take a look here; this is what you will beusing to take phone calls You will be taking calls dialing on this ifyou need to call customer back or anything like that This is the headset with the mic it is whatI'll be using to take my calls pretty simple This headset and dial pad was only 21 andsome change from Amazon This is the dial pad this is the cable tohook up your telephone line to your dial pad and this is the main piece here That is your dial pad it is what you willbe plugging to your telephone and using to receive calls and dial out when talking toa customer So here we go; right now we have here yourdial pad your headset and this is one of the primary pieces of everything you willneed to be servicing and working for one of our clients from home Alright let's go ahead and do one more runguys; remember technical equipment for the position It's going to be laptop or computer internetservice; it has to be a hardwired connection with an Ethernet cable from your router toyour computer USB headset Once you are servicing the client after trainingyou are going to need a landline and what you see here; a dial pad Once you're servicing the client then youwill be using this dial pad and this headset While you're training you will be using aUSB headset just like this without mic so you can participate in class listen to yourteacher everything here pretty simple and it's pretty inexpensive This dial pad is where you'll have your landlineconnected to and will be receiving calls through so you'll be servicing the client with thisheadset This is how you'll be taking calls or is howyou'll be reaching back out to a customer if you have to call a customer back and thingslike that Well guys; that's all the technical equipmentyou're going to need for a position with us to be able to workfrom home I think it's pretty reasonable and the lifeof luxury of being able to work from home thumbs up to that If you guys like we're putting out go aheadand subscribe below if you have any questions as always I'll go ahead and answer any questionsyou guys have just leave it in the comments below you can catch us on Facebook InstagramPinterest snapchat we are everywhere on social media so go ahead and give us a like giveus a follow...